Which Work at Home Companies Do You Work For?

@steeleIC (107)
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June 18, 2008 12:19am CST
I have been working from home since Sept. 07 and I have to say I absolutely love it! I started out slowly and had to apply everywhere before I actually got in with some decent companies. Now, I've got several that I work for on a regular basis. Those include LiveOps, Key For Cash, Usertesting, and occasionally I do some work for Public Opinion Research. Just this week I also got hired on with Amvets, Outsource-Telemarketing, and OnPoint Advocacy. I am still waiting to get started working for them. My hubby says I'm nuts and taking on way too much, and he's probably right, but I always like to have plenty of work in case one of them happens to play out on me or I just get tired of it. So, I'm just curious if any of you work at any of the same companies I do?
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5 Dec 08
I work with the MOM Team and have my own free customized website. I simply refer people to become customers and get a 20% commission. The products are environmentally friendly, non toxic, and range from cleaning stuff to cosmetics. www.CleanAndGreenMom.com
@tmunden (34)
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10 Sep 08
Yeah! I think you had a post on the workspace via LO aout keys4cash and I followed your link on Monday (I think) and got invited to join today. THANK YOU!!!! I am still waiting for LO (just reapplied again) and usertesting. I am also waiting to hear back from WAH. I am hoping to remain a successful stay at home mom while tryinbg to launch my boutique.
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1 Sep 08
Hey sweetie..Thanks for the referal. I told you i was following your lead right... I am. I have been on this site and posting and adding comments all over the place. have you gotten a payout from this site yet or did you just start? To answer your questions.. of course you may know that i work for Arise. I have been with them for 2years...and i love love love it. I have applied i think for all of he above that you mentioned. Except i didnt know about Amvets, or outsourse telemarking or onpoint. Frankly for me i dont do outbound not really my thing. But i have been looking into data entry. I did that for 5 years. I was going to do medical transcriptioning... but i takes at least 6mos to finish the training and its not exactly cheep. So thats in the works one day maybe. I am a distributor for ULTRALUSTER...they make a acylic polymercar wash/protective glaze. The company pays 50% comm. so its one of the ONLY network marketing company that pays well even if you only use the product. of course if you get other distributors under you great and you do get percentage. But..for me i buy the product at half price and sell at full price and double my money. That is what i need right now... money in hand...lol
@Wink29 (13)
20 Aug 08
WOW! That's all I can say! I have seen you on Work from Home Coop and I must say I'm in awe. I am just getting started trying to find something from home. I have applied and applied but nothing so far. I found this site through you. I guess my one question is if and when I might possibly get a job like with LiveOps do I need to have the equipment right then and there or will I have a day to get it all together. I didn't want to invest in a phone set up until I knew I had a job and could you recommend one that works well? I didn't know if the headsets you see like at Target and Walmart would work or you need something more sophisticated. I am just going to keep plugging along and I know something will come along.