What happened to france??? EURO2008

June 18, 2008 1:38am CST
The ghost of world cup final seems to be following france... red card... carelessness from the captain.. the drama looks to be written with the same story and france is out!!! What a dismal performance by french team... Aren't shattered by your teams shadow show???? Is it just because Italy played a fantastic game or France played like 11 individuals without any coordination?????
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21 Jun 08
The French displays were without doubt the funniest i've seen and no doubt a real lift for some of the smaller nations to see them play so poorly and exit bottom of the group. France have a massive presence in all the big leagues around the world, but get them together and demand teamwork and solidarity and they put in low effort and a lack of coherence. I think many of their players have played 1 competition too many and should have been retired in favour of new and younger talents .... lest they end up like England ... consistently picking the smae waife-like has-beens rather than blooding the youngsters before crucial games.
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• Indonesia
21 Jun 08
The keyword for a team to win is TEAMWORK. I haven't seen this in the France team since Zidane retired. Relying too much on a single star player isn't going to help the team at all. Lose your player, and you lose the whole team. It's easier for the other team as well. Just kill off the star's play, and the team's play goes with it. We've seen this over and over again. That's the reason France and Italy lost against the Dutch, that's the reason Germany lost against Croatia, and again the reason why Portugal lost against Germany. Italy and Germany have learned from this lesson and thus were able to defeat France and Portugal.
• China
20 Jun 08
Yes.. 11 individuals without any coordination.. You've already offered the key led France to failure. After Zidane's retire, France still can't find another soul of the team! You know, a man without mind can't fight at all, a team without leader can't fight too ! Although France has had a good choice in my mind.. The man I mean is Ribery, he's already good enought to lead this France team, but you can see he couldnt order his any teammate.. A new leader who lacks of authority and power to control his team, the result of failure shall be destined!