patient in ketosis from a zero carb diet is in any danger.

June 18, 2008 6:01am CST
If the patient is healthy. And secondarily. Is there any evidence that that a patient who stays on a zero carb diet for a very long time will eventually deplete all of their fat reserves and go into full protieolytic gluconeogenesus? Or will intake of fat and protein prevent the body from exhausting all of it's fat reserves? And finally is there any breakdown will occour concomitant with fat breakdown if there are availble fat reserves? And lastly. If you believe some carbs are needed eventually then why would more carbs be needed than the bare minimum to keep the patient out of ketosis? Would not the extra be unhealthy? And also if man does not evolve very much in say 40 thousand years then given the fact that things like farming, frains, rice and hybrid carb containing plants did not exist 40 thousand years ago then how did man survive on virtually all meat?
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