how to be a good teacher?

June 18, 2008 9:49am CST
how to be a good tacher? what make a good teacher? a teacher who abandoned his students during the earthquake and ran for his own life first has sparked heated debate among public about teachers' responsibility in your opinion, what are the qualities of a good teacher? should so if some teachers do not mind have right quality why not have a good think of should teachers only be rswsponsible for teaching knowledge? what is the best teacher or wort teacher you have had or seen? in my opinion, i do not think it is a good thing that there are always somebody suddenly go out to say bad words to teachers cause some people do not have correct thinking in mind wrong choice always all around us and becoming more popular in this society nowaays should teachers care for their students as their own kids? we have many other terrible reasons indeed but i can only say something like. we may have quite different points about this kind of topic why not have a good think f that ask yourself, who is on earth is the reason of the whole nation that is not only because of the teachers thefacts is that something we seldom tell i public under power unknown i expecially in earthly in my opinion, o arm, no spirit power in one's mind that is why some of us always take some thing as dream
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