how do you define your privacy?

@wendy805 (261)
June 18, 2008 10:13am CST
sometimes i will feel confused why i am uncomfortable when someone asks me where i have been. i did not do anything that i can't tell others. but i will feel uncomfortable if they know all that what i have done. sometimes i want to be safe by keeping some facts about me in myself, although they are just small ones. i just don't want to let them know. i don't know why. maybe that's why i don't have a constant girl parterner(i am a girl), i mean many people have best friend with whom they go out to dinner, to the library or go shopping most. but i havn't, because i sometimes want to be alone. if i have one, i must sometimes do what i must do, not what i want to do. i dont' know wether my words make any sense to you. i wonder if you have those time when small things become your "privacy"? to what line do you define your privacy? crossing what line will make you uncomfortable?
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@hector76 (119)
• Indonesia
18 Jun 08
yeah, i can feel what you feel because sometimes i got situation like that. usually i just say with some etiquette to those who asking me. if doing like that way still not success, i just telling with honestly that is not some kind of their business.
@wendy805 (261)
• China
19 Jun 08
ye...that is a good idea expect being a little impolite at least in my culture.people sometimes talk about those things here and there.