did you experience to forgot your passport or plane ticket?

June 18, 2008 10:25am CST
My boss is a busy person and she has this bad habit for forgetting things out. She is so funny not one time she forgot her international plane ticket and passport the worst thing is not only her but his husband did the same thing. And they just found out only when they get to the airport.So, of course they can't blame thereself so they rush up our messenger to deliver there passport & plane ticket.Very funny isn't it? As if the airport is near in our office.
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• India
18 Jun 08
lol its funny when it happens to some one else, but when the same thing happens to you you get frightened and are in tension. its okay if you forget somethihng and have some time and your home is near the airport then you can get the things but if airport is about a 2 hour drive from you home of office and you forget something then its really hectic and panicky in those cases. So i never wanna be in such a position and would like no one else also finds himself or herself in the same position.