Where do you get your ideas for new discussions?

June 18, 2008 12:58pm CST
I'm just wondering where does everyone get their ideas for new discussions. I just kins go through my interests and the when i see the pictures or the subject I kind of start thinking what a good theme would be. i need something more efficient and faster though. Could anyone offer some advise?
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• Philippines
18 Jun 08
I come to that point also, where I keep on opening the page to start a discussion and end up to nothing I can think of. What I do was everytime I am on my way to work, the things I could see around me, I formulate a topic in my head to write to mylot. Maybe the best thing you are going to do is to have a little pocket notes with you. Whenever you go out, if you are working outside home, you can always see things around you and formulate ideas out of it to have a topic.
• India
18 Jun 08
hi, not that i have started a lot of discussions however i just write about anything that comes to my mind at that time. I have never really sat and made up something just to start a discussion. It should be natural i guess, it would be better.