The Weirdest/Scariest Dream You Ever Had

United States
June 18, 2008 5:02pm CST
I've been having really weird dreams lately, one of them was about a month or so ago. I was riding in my mom's car and she was driving, I was wearing a dress, or a skirt or something, when I felt like I was having my period, I reach down between my legs for some reason and when I pull my hands back there in my palms is two baby snakes, covered in blood and other goo, which may be placenta or something, i don't know. one is a baby python, and the other might have been a black snake, and their trying to slither in the goo. I turn to my mother and say "Is this normal?" Because she's a nurse and everything. She doesn't say anything and I roll down my window and toss them out. I'm pretty sure i know what this dreams about. This one's meaning is a bit fuzzy still I was riding in my dad's car and he was driving, we were on this rough backwoods road and beside the road was a wooden fence, and there were farmers picking up these lemons that were the size of cantelopes, my dad put the window down and the farmer handed me one. Immediately I sank my teeth into it and I remembered it tasting so good, and then when my father gave me another one, I hesitated, but i grabbed it and instead of sinking my teeth into it right away I peeled back the rind, and inside was a baby, it was the size of a fetal baby, but it had everything a newborn baby has, like hair and it was an asian baby. I turned to my dad, and he was like "you didnt' know they were putting those in lemons now?" Which made me think I'd eaten a baby. Then when I typed in lemon to see if anything popped up, i learned that lemons were first cultivated in Asian countries, which was strange because I've never actually learned something in a dream. Then the last dream I had, not too long ago, I was in a haunted mansion and this ghost grabbed me by my jacket and lifted me up and tossed me on the bed, it really felt like I was in the air and everything, I could feel myself hitting the bed, I hope my house isn't haunted. I also had a nightmare when I was 9 about Stephen King's "It" clown chasing me around my neighborhood, it was horrifying.
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• Panama
23 Jun 08
hi, I think your dreams are related to lack opf attention from your fathers, which you desperly are looking for!!
• United States
24 Jun 08
actually he used to give me a lot of attention when I was younger, than I sort of distanced myself from him as I got older, but now we're starting to talk more, and have more in common since I'm getting into things that he likes like football and so on.