Casanova is like Houdini?

@sfigatto (1847)
November 3, 2006 2:30am CST
Do you know Casanova? Is a italian wizard but I think is italian clown! What you think?
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@fabiuz76 (1228)
• Italy
3 Nov 06
for me casanova is the good magician of the world!!
• Italy
5 Nov 06
Yes Casanova is the heir of Houdini!
@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
22 May 11
You talk of Casanova, the great conqueror, ideal lover who secretly dreams of all women and all men who hated him (when in secret and they do not want to be a sort of Casanova)? Something like this is the image that has this character today, although hardly anyone really knows anything about his life. Casanova man, whom we get to know him as "listening" telling his life is still more than a conqueror of hearts. Confess that led an adventurous life, but they are not just about the love. I recently read his book, Memoirs. I think I failed to fix the book, in a period in which however we spent less time on the computer, no internet, without having to connect to the world that are ordinary and turning me into a little more than two centuries ago. Reading these - long - memory and observing some situations, however I thought we evolve in some ways, there are things that will remain the same: that a woman's instinct not to give up too easily and that man's increased desire is rejected. It was a nice story, ideal for reading in a sunny spring.
@rookrook (1239)
• Italy
18 Nov 06
Houdini like Casanova? i don't know
• India
5 Nov 06
i think clown