How much garbage do you put out?

@mclendon (308)
United States
June 18, 2008 6:18pm CST
Literally. How much garbage does your household produce? Are you conscious of it? Do you try to do things to reduce the amount you throw away? We have a 96 gallon rolling garbage tote that is picked up each week. Last week I forgot to take it to the road to be picked up, but it was okay. It wasn't full! It was only half full. I was very proud of us. We are a family of five. (And no, I didn't have garbage overflowing in the house.) I feel good when I don't fill up the garbage can in a week's time. How about you?
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7 Aug 08
We throw away 2 garbage bags every week. But there are times that we throw so much away, the ending, lost of somethings being accidentally thrown.
@LadyAbboz (237)
10 Jul 08
our family dont even fill the UK standard sized wheely bin which is pretty good for a family of 4, we choose to recycle alot of things instead to be economical.