Elvis Presley

June 18, 2008 6:35pm CST
When I was in my early teens, I collected all the cards and was able to have a full picture. I watched all of his movies. I always like watching Elvis movies. I have a Uncle who is Elvis Presley nut. I even made him a Elvis doll for Christmas one year when I had his name when exchanging names. It sad at the end before he died he was into drug (am I right?). I like him when he was younger.
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18 Jun 08
I haven't seen many Elvis movies but I've liked the ones I've seen. I like him better when he was younger too. I'm kinda young so I don't remember Elvis when he was alive, but I used to listen to oldies radio stations all the time when I was little so I've heard a lot of his songs.
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30 Jun 08
I grew up in Memphis Tennessee and visited graceland many times. It is the best around Christmas time when they string up blue lights. It was amazing to see all the people from foreign countries come to see his house. My mother adored him.