CELTICS - lakers

June 18, 2008 7:48pm CST
maybe it is true, kobe still hasn't grown up yet. he might be the greatest player playing in the NBA today but he still lack the mental skill or toughness. we have witness how the celtics crushed the celabrated team lakers. we saw how celtics players clog and swarm in to kobe. that is the toughest defense i saw in the game. it made the lakers look just a regular NBA team. it looked like it is not a finals game for them.celtics made kobe, lakers, look sooooo bad. he could have done a little effort. like what MJ always did. when the defense is there, he passes, makes the teamates better not bitter. kobe could have drived in or slashed to the rim knowing he is the focal point of defense, he'll always get fouled then score in the freethrow line. you know those are the things you realize when everything is done. well, they lost, very badly, but there is still next season to bounce back. i know for sure.i'll bet again.
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