Alien-who's favorite film

June 18, 2008 11:02pm CST
Alien was a great film i have ever sew when i was a child. I remembered that the first time i sew Alien when i was a boy at 10 age. You can't believe it that i saw the movie when there is only cassette. But before i saw the Alien on cassette, i heared it from my friend more ealier 1 year than i real saw it. He told me there is a good movie he had ever saw, but that time he didn't tell me the name of the film. i was attracted on the story he said. I hope i could saw by myself, it's really amusing. but i hadn't got video cassette recorder till 1 year later. Untill i bought video cassette recorder, and had saw that movie, i hadn't known what i saw was just that story my friend told me, Alien. So what about your experience when you first saw Alien? Do you feeling it is a good science film or give more better movie than that?
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