Cold or Hot?

June 19, 2008 5:35am CST
Do you prefer brain freeze cold drinks or tongue burning hot?
5 responses
• India
4 Jul 08
i love freezy cold drinks....can have ice chilled drinks anytime...its very refreshing....i like having chilled Tang, cold drinks, cold coffee, lime water etc
• Pakistan
4 Jul 08
well i always like cold drinks.....burning hot not ma type i hate it......i dont even like tea or a cup ov coffee
@thaMARKER (3094)
• Philippines
19 Jun 08
It depends on my what I feel like. But most of the time, I drink very cold soda at night along with my late night snacks. hehehe.. I drink coffee right after I wake up. Not really morning because I'm not a morning person.
@roanne05 (1292)
• Oman
19 Jun 08
brain freeze for me..but i really am a coffee addict!
@DeniseH (130)
19 Jun 08
Hmmm thats a toughie..... cos i hate burning my tongue but i dont like the headache you get if you drink something ice cold! I must say i drink more hot drinks like tea than i do cold drinks.... so i have to say hot (not burning tongue tho lol)