a public apologie must be here extended.

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June 19, 2008 8:43am CST
a couple of weeks ago i posted a discussion about hospitality and how i felt i was not shown it on a recent visit to a friends house. though i still don't agree with how the actual situation progressed, I did make a serious error in judgment in posting a discussion here about the situation. It was done in anger and i wasn't thinking about the person as to how that would effect him as opposed to how talking to him in private would. I feel really badly that this happened and i don't want anyone to think anything less of him. We simply have a difference of opinion on this matter that i allowed to get out of hand, and this was a lack of good judgment on my part. i should have addressed the situation privately.
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29 Jun 08
Don't worry about it! I have faced similar private situations and dealt with my frustrations publicly either on MyLot or my blog. Afterwards, I wish that I had not done so. At least on my blog, I can go back and edit the comments and noone gets their feelings hurt. MyLot does not allow for such! I'm sure you were just trying to deal with frustrations that you felt in a safe environment. Noone holds it against you. Be well. Best of luck with your situation. Have a bright and beautiful day!