What do you eat for breakfast?

June 19, 2008 10:39am CST
When I was a kid, my Mom wouldn't let me eat bread with PB for breakfast - it had to be toasted. I couldn't eat a peanut butter and jam sandwitch, but I COULD toast 2 pieces of bread and put PB and jam on the toast. I could even stick the two pieces together to make a toast sandwitch! As long as it wasn't just bread. This never made any sense to me. Now that I'm a Mom, I don't make a fuss over wether the kids eat their morning bread as bread, or if they want it toasted, and my Mom will come along and say, "She's eating a sandwitch for BREAKFAST?" What about you? What do you eat for breakfast? Do you think that toast is a breakfast food and that bread should be reserved for later in the day?
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@laglen (19782)
• United States
20 Jun 08
I am trying to eat breakfast every morning now. Trying to eat a bit healthier. So for breakfast I have a peice of toast and a bowl of Corn Flakes. This is actually helping night time eating. I am starving for lunch, then starving for dinner then I am satisfied. This is what I wanted so I don't eat at night. PB&J on toast or bread I think is a great breakfast. I actually lost a lot of weight one summer and I would eat that for breakfast, salad for lunch and popcorn for dinner. I dropped about 25 lbs that summer and felt great and satisfied the whole time.