People say cats can fall from any heights and survive - is it true?

@sharay (2776)
June 19, 2008 2:40pm CST
I have been hearing it often, but had not seen one fall from anywhere and survive..has it happneded to your cats?
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• Canada
19 Jun 08
Well, cats have the ability to land on their feet all the time. They can survive bigger falls than humans, but they can't survive ANY fall. There's a limit of course, but yes... cats are able to survive fairly large falls and they there is a 95% chance that they do land on their feet. I for one have seen a cat fall on it's side. I hope I answered your question.
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• United States
21 Jun 08
my outdoor cat jumped from a 2nd story deck and wasnt phased and he wasnt that young.. i dunno if he would do it now that he is 16 but i wouldnt put it past him