Any good ways to get mylot refferals

@moose8 (483)
June 19, 2008 6:44pm CST
see my family thouight i was stupid when i signed up for mylot and i jus laughed intheir faces and told them they are missing out on a fun opportunity. so i decided to go for it and now i am doing gfreat. what i want to do now as my next experiment for mylot is try to get some refferals. the only problem is i dont know where to get them. i have adrervitsed my link in serveral places yet i have had no responses. it sux how nobody will let you be their refferal even though it doest affect them at all.....any options?
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• Philippines
20 Jun 08
Hi, I joined mylot last year but after I posted 2 discussion I stopped visiting mylot. Then I meet a friend in chat and he explained to me how to use mylot, earnings etc... so this month I came back and participate in the discussions and I noticed a sudden increase in my earnings. I invited few of my friends and explain to them the same way. I told them to put on their notification link so i we would know if one of us started or respond to a discussion. Now we make it a habit to respond each time somebody on our list started a discussion. It would be benefit us both. after I responded to my friends, that's only the time I would look for other discussions who are not on my friend's list. I guess its a proper way, we have to be sure we are helping our referral so they would participate too. It's a give & take relationship:)