money and life

@avidwhit (1492)
June 19, 2008 7:34pm CST
Having more money than you know what to do with might be good for some and bad for others. Ever heard the saying joke, Whats a drug adicts worse nightmare? To win the lottery! So if you had more money than you can spend in 10 lifetimes. What do think you'd do with your time? Time the one thing we cant buy more of not important how much money we have.
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@kissie34 (2296)
• Philippines
10 Jul 08
I never heard that jokes before... Anyway, if I will be given a chance to have more money then that would be great.. Having so much money is one thing that people wants.. I think it is how the people used the money in their life whether in a good or bad way.. If I have so much money, I will used it in a good way like spending the money with my family, going on vacations, eating all the foods we want to eat, have a monthly check up for my parents, buy their maintenance medicine, donate foods and clothes to the charity, etc.. I think money can makes us happy in sense that we help other people.. But of course, not money cannot buy full happiness... Sometimes, money can make as evil if we don't know how to spend it wise.. It is a matter of how the person handle the money and how the person spend it...
@avidwhit (1492)
• Mexico
10 Jul 08
Thanks for taking the time to respond to this! I think your on to something about what they do with the money that counts. Sounds like you might just do good with the cash. Blessings and love! :)