The Shortage of Rice

@Liseux (44)
June 20, 2008 2:35am CST
In this Modern Century, people become aware of the Global crisis that they encounter. Catastrophe and Natural Calamities are as follow. We are experiencing today the Global Warming. What is the GW? It is a worst scenario which is happening today. The ice caps are melted and the nature is quite wierd. So what will be the effect? Tremendously! Because as the ice melts particularly in the North Pole and the Antartica the volume of water increases which means the map of our countries might be swallowed few years from now. As of now we expeirence rice shortage and it is one of those effects. In the Philippines, rice is very important. It is the life of every Filipino and the only thing that we can do to stop the shortage is to maximize the use of rice properly. Many people in this world like in the poor countries they eat once a day. We should know how to tolerate our own greed. If not, all of us will suffer the consequences.
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@desireeo (595)
• Philippines
20 Jun 08
it is sad that we, the Filiinos, are experiencing shortage on rice when we are supposed to be one of the top producers. tracing back the root of this problem is a long road and a waste of time to those who are really in immediate need of aid. what we can do to alleviate the probem is share the burden by taking what we only need and allow the more needy ones to get the better share..know what i mean?