Germany's vistory over Portugal in Eurocup 2008

Germany vs. Portugal - Germany's win over Portugal in the quarter finals of the Eurocup 2008. The score was 3-2.
June 20, 2008 9:08am CST
Wow, I'm really impressed with the Germans. I think Portugal was a favorite to get to the final of the Eurocup in most people's minds. I watched a lot of discussions about it in ESPN and sport newscasts and they all thought so too. I was mesmerized when I saw that Germany was winning 2-0 in the first 25 minutes. But I got to admit that they played really well and that they controlled most of the game. It was a though quarter final. Did you think that Germany had a chance to win agasnt Portugal? Why? Can Germany go all the way even if they have to play against Croacia again?
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• India
22 Jun 08
germany put up their best performance of this euro at the right tym..danger signs for turkey
21 Jun 08
Portugal do have some fantastic players, but so do Germany and their victory was well-deserved. Superb display and an awesome combination for the first goal. Portugal strike me as a flair team. The likes of Ronaldo play the fancy stuff and as the premier league witnessed he has a clinical finish. Flair football however needs the vital ingredient of solid play and performance, which Ronaldo has from his ManU colleagues. The German team played some excellent fluent football, but they are physically stronger and more resilient (not to mention the tallest team in the tournament hehe).
@alcazar (762)
• India
20 Jun 08 was a fair game...and portugal had its own chances but germany...they were playing as a team.....and it was lovely to watch them play in that way...
20 Jun 08
I was disappointed that Portugal lost but Germany often get stronger as a competition progresses. I'm hoping that Turkey go through tonight because a match up with Germany would be a fiesty affair methinks with so many guestworkers in Germany and switzerland coming from Turkey I can see that generating quite an atmosphere.
@jayperiod (870)
• United States
20 Jun 08
I wasn't surprised, at all. I have expected all along for Germany to win the tournament. They are a very technical team, as they demonstrated against Portugal yesterday. They got away from that a bit the last time they played Croatia, but if they meet them again, they won't. They are one of the most technical teams in the world. They have a great chance to win it all.
• China
20 Jun 08
It is pity that portugal is out ,I like portugal team very much ,I think this team can play a beautiful match.but in football field .playing beautifully do not meant to win.Germans played more pratically