The advertisement on really sucks!!!!!

@peterliu (118)
Hong Kong
June 20, 2008 9:11am CST
I hate that "FoxCrime" advertisement!!! Extremely!!! What's that indeed? A man was kidnapped and killed by a sword?!! A lot of blood?!! Who is the owner of!! Are you insane??? Some water leaked into your brain?!! Are you lack of money badly?!! You did a stupid thing, man?!! is a place for sharing experiences and talk some healthy topics. But you advertise for Crime!!! I will leave for ever if I see that advertisement next week. Maybe mysapce or facebook is a better choice. I have recommend my girl friend here to study English. She will be scared, I am sure. She is such an innocent girl? You did a bad thing again, man!!! The owner of, you really sucks!!!!
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