if you'll be given a chance to restart your life

@djmarion (4901)
June 20, 2008 9:16am CST
would you choose to live again your older life or would you make a brand new start, a brand new identity and a brand new future. i started this "what if" discussion since i really want to get in to your thoughts, frankly speaking if i will be given a chance to start a new life, i will definitely choose to make a brand new start because i feel that i never had a good life. i definitely want to change it and shape my future the way i want to a future that i certain to be good and a life free from all the worries i felt in my everyday living at the moment. i know it sounds like illusion but sometimes to be able to scape from the worries of life making an illusion is a good option.
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@tarachand (3895)
• India
23 Jun 08
I don't think I'd want to change anything at all, simply because I am but sum of my experiences and learnings in this life, both good and bad. If I were to chose some other life, I would then not be what I am today. Good or bad, I have coined an alliteration: Life's Lovely! Love & Live Life! Live & Let Live!
@gamgee (116)
• Philippines
22 Jun 08
Looking back, Id rather not change anything, I've had a good life so far, and though I might have done some things Im not proud of, still I want them to be part of me. Good or bad, those experiences are what shaped me into who I am right now. I never regretted any decisions I've made, in the first place I am the one who made the decision, no reason for regret. I'm just enjoying life as how it is suppose to be. Maybe the reason why I feel satisfied with my life is because, I never asked much, so I have what I deserve. Nope, right now, theres nothing that I want to change, quite satisfied with my life here and now
• India
22 Jun 08
i will not devote myself only towards studies i will be getting more towards arts... some talented works not just becoming a nerd....
@mythreya (90)
• India
22 Jun 08
I will definitely like a chance to restart my life.because iam not satisfied with my life at present.I would not repeat the mistakes i have committed and i will plan my life more properly.
@heartonfire (4131)
• Denmark
21 Jun 08
there is a story,or a legend, of oedip, a tragic story about how the oracle predicted the king that his son will kill him,and marry his mother, so the king decided to abandon his new born son in the mountains, useless thing,as the kind growing up withouth knowing his parents,finally got to fight with his father's army,killed his dad and married his mother.. so the whole point of the story is that we can not change our destiny,and even if sometimes we try to trick it, it will all end up the way things should be. that might also apply to your theory,of rebuilding a new life,from 0.. u might find yourself doing the same things and ending up in the same situations,as it's said that the man cannot change his faith. but everyone is free to believe in what they want and feel is more likely to be the truth:) so as an answer to your question,i don't think i would change anything,or at least not much..but i would surely like to relive some of my past moments.. because those never come back
@selece (2357)
• Philippines
20 Jun 08
There are definitely some things that I want to redo in my life. But then again, what happened on the past is what made me what I am today. Although I am not fully satisfied with what I have become, I believe everything happens or a reason. If I should restart my life, I may not even be here right now, I may not meet the same friends or experience the same things. I love my life the way it is now, and I wouldn't want it in any other way around.
@checapricorn (16066)
• United States
20 Jun 08
Hi there djmarion, if given the chance maybe I will just want to edit our status,LOL, that we are rich and my dad and mom don't need to be far from each other just to provide us with all the things that we need...I always feel sad when I think about how long dad needs to be away from us just to work and educate us!
@gwenns (255)
• Singapore
20 Jun 08
Hello djmarion! Nope, I will not choose to restart mine. I am very grateful of what I had been through as that made me who I am today. Frankly speaking, I would rather spend more time thinking of how to make my life better and what I want in the future instead of broading over stuffs I can no longer change at all. =D Cheers~