runescape riot

United States
June 20, 2008 9:16am CST
my friends and a bunch of ther people told me that there is going to be people rioting in runescape to get wildy back and no more trade limits im not sure if its in all worlds but they said to wear a pink skirt and a black cape.
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@jban0811 (98)
• Australia
21 Jun 08
Well, nice. People are just going to riot... That's pretty random. I guess it will be amusing in certain way but really I don't see the point in it. It's a free game, you play it if you want to, you don't if you don't want to so I guess it all depends on if people want to play the game or not. I mean they've got to make some things so the game can be fair to everybody and not lobsided to some people.
• United States
23 Jun 08
thats the thing. its not lobsided to anyone but only to jagex. if ur gonna make changes make sensible changes not sudden and major changes. theyre still making money so they dont care what changes are made. just like gas prices if people are gonna keep paying for gas why decrease the price when people are still paying for it?it was fair and fun to all, but now its gay and boring to all but we still wanna play cause we love runescape. we still play because we still have hope for the futire and all u retards that think that just because u riot its gonna change something. ITS NOT!! ill say it once and ill say it again. the only way to get ur way is to STOP PAYING FOR MEMBERSHIPS!!!! if u riot and pay for memberships ur not helping anything but just being a hypocrite to the cause.
• United States
10 Jul 08
It won't work, but it made everyone mad. I quit because of this.
• Estonia
4 Jul 08
Jagex has already said that wildy or the trade limit are NOT coming back. Rioting is not going to help... it just gets you banned or muted. I personally dont care about the wildy cause i wasn't that good in pking .
@kalidi (17)
• United States
25 Jun 08
Ok riots wont solve anytihng beside getting banned and so i would stop rioting if i were you and it doesnt matter no more they not gonna change it look in the runescape forums... runescape are making a new graphic to the game and i rather have that then the wilderness and bh and duel arena is fun enough for me...
@alcazar (762)
• India
25 Jun 08
well..i too heard bout this and this is being done with the help of youtube videos....but now its back to need to worry...
@uath13 (8207)
• United States
20 Jun 08
IT doesn't matter! Jagex had to remove The wilderness & put in the trade limits to shut down the Real World Traders. If they hadn't they would have lost the backing of the credit card companies which would have bankrupted the company & closed down the game. The cheaters caused the problems now we're stuck with the reprocussions. Protest all you want, your just wasting time & risking getting yourself banned. If you'd read the articles Jagex had posted you might understand better why it happened.