overcome difficulty?

June 20, 2008 10:27am CST
what is the bigest difficulty you have ever succssfully overcome/ we have to face all kinds of difficulties in our daily life and it is by overcoming them that we learn and mature share with us your experience versoming difficulties or going through hard times what is the biggest difficulty yo have ever faced or you have succefully overcomes? if you want to do something successfuly a good plan will be necessary this is the most important as the chinese old saying goes do not combat until you prepare enough to tell the truth, i neve meet some sticky difficulties i am sorry that i even have no experiences to share with others when i am a teenager the college entrance exam is the biggest difficulty for me when was about to graduate from college looking for an exdelent job is my biggest difficulty at that tem\ nowadays in retrespect the past days all of these so called difficulty is always in the current situation the most painful experience i have ever had was about one year ago when i ws palying soccer i was forward in that amtch ust some random moment my friend gave me a wonderful pass i beat the off side reap facing the goadkeeper but he was so ride kicking my leg as hard as he can well my leg just cracked it hurtd so much my whole body instantly want nume\b i felt like by brain was getting smooshed for a second i can not feel my legs i hope i can have the oportunites to overcome some matters which will be better for my personal social experiences
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