The best day of my life..until her dad saw..a love story in nj

United States
June 20, 2008 10:33am CST
So my gf and I have been together for a few months now and we could not be happier. It was her parents 25th anniversary last week and her and her sister had planned a surprise party by the beach. The food was great, her parents loved it and everyone could not have been happier...until the flash flood came. It began to rain so hard that the valet drivers were not getting tipped due to the wetness of the inside of the car from their clothing. It was raining cats, dogs and turtles. I drive a small buick and she drives an SUV. It was raining so hard that when I ran out to my car to put all of my stuff in the car from the party that my shirt and undershirt were soaking wet. Then when she went out to go to her car I took my shirt off and held it over her head, like a gentleman would do...and so by the time that I got into my car I was drenched..and so were the roads. It began to flood so bad that water was moving my car back and fourth across the road. There was one part when I hit a bump and when my car came down the water went onto my roof and into my window because I was stressing out so bad I needed some air. Finally..I make it home. I am drenched I am wet and the roads are crazy. I go into her house and drop off some of the gifts from the party. I had clothes in my car and she followed me out to get it. It was pouring rain but we didn't care. We were together. Holding hands down the driveway...raindrops landing on her cheeks and rolling down slowly. We didn't care. We got to my car parked behind a her parents wouldn't see..I grabbed her and laid her on the trunk of my car and I kissed her like it would be our last kiss together. In the pouring rain at midnight last weekend I had the best night of my life. Nothing mattered. there were no bills to pay, there was no 9-5 work..It was just us, alone, together. After 5 minutes her dad got a little worried that we were gone for a while. So he came out to see me wearing an undershirt kissing his daughter who was wearing a dress laying on the trunk of my car. He was not too happy. But he walked back inside. And then I had the biggest laugh I had in a long time.
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@Margajoe (4718)
• Germany
20 Jun 08
Hi! Yes , for a Dad that would look rather frightfull!!! LOL!!! But in a funny way. You will laugh more and more about this, in years to come. Take care, Margajoe