WHICH kind of job would you like best?

June 20, 2008 11:49am CST
which kind of job would you like best? the blue collar or the white collar jobs/ back in the 19000 s up until the 70s being a worker was the most revered job it is no longer the case any more as a recent survey in shanghai shows only one percent respondents went to be workers instead government positions are considered the best jobs one percent want to be workers? it was in shanghai doa survey in some western part of china the result will totoally different what is wrong with these ppl? it was hard and stupid to go the government position when you graduated from uni some students just consider that was a decent ob? in that place, wasting your time wasting your youth time and even worse is you can not learn something now in japan and korea, students seldom choose a govenment job most of the be workers and blue collar face the reality, nowadays being a worker is your best choice there is no reversed job in the world but you should honoe yourself asa worker or other jobs there si no reversed job in the world but yu shoud hinir yourself as a worker or other jobs do you htink there sare now a lack of recent of or even prejudice against workers or blue colar jobs? have you ever done biue collar related jobs? what is your critria for the best job?
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@Elixiress (3893)
20 Jun 08
I would prefer a white collar job as I am not very good with my hands, we did DT at school, which would include sawing wood and stuff like that and I was never very good at it, whereas I was great at ICT and other more brain orientated subjects. I want to be an accountant in a few years time, which is a white collar job.
@amitavroy (4824)
• India
20 Jun 08
well i am a creative persona and i like a nice and creative job. i would like a little power so that i can make creative decisions and that is what i dream of about my job and if i get that then i would be very happy.
20 Jun 08
I like to sleep al day .. if any one wanna pay me for that job :P:D