do you ever feel like someone is holding you back

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June 20, 2008 1:54pm CST
i dnt like to be held back ppl like to stay in the house for nothing i dnt know what it is about ppl they like to stay in the house i got to get out iam the one that like to be on the run i dnt like to stay home if iam not sick iam getting out ppl want to hold me back and go to act iam not going out like that and want you to be broke i dnt get it i can do bad all by my salf i want ppl to understand that iam not the one to help ppl if you not going to help me so iam just want ppl to know that and if you are after my money you know what i dnt need no friends if that all you after and family the same way i dnt need you i got to get away from family that is like that
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@SwtJenlove (1090)
• United States
21 Jun 08
I used to like getting out of the house every day but when you have to load up a bunch of kids just to run to the grocery store it gets a lil bit rough. I thinkits easier for parents with one kid or parents with older kids who you dont have to hook in and out of the car seats. I am a people person and i dont like to be stuck in the house but id rather stay in my house and talk to my friends online then go out and have to load and unload the kids and all that. If it was a trip that i knew i would be able to relax for a little bit then i wouldnt mind but most of the time i stay home. once the kids get bigger ill do more like we used to but for now im chillin at home. i dont mind it because i love spending time with my kids and my fiance.. they are the best so i dont mind being a home body with them :)
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22 Jun 08
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