the universe

June 20, 2008 2:41pm CST
recently i read a very interesting book about the origin of our universe. it was a hard book, because of al the phisics envolved to demonstrate the theories. i thing most people heard about the "big bang" theory, about how the universe started from one particle of infinite density. it is also very interesting that another theory sais that there is no big bang. that the universe doesn't have a begining. it's very hard to believe, but it is proven. theories say that the universe might expand to infinite or that the universe might contract until the size of zero. i think or at least hope that the universe will expand to infinite. what do you think?
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@CrashO (698)
• Romania
21 Jun 08
Theories, most of them are not facts, and they will probably change A LOT, its HARD to say something about planets milions way far from here, but if we had the tech to go and check out and make more tests, the theories would be more than precice and facts, but we don't, so in my point for now theories = lucky guesses,something that we think of to explain an phenomen and probably far from the truth,if there is one?! :D