How much better are the new cameras

@moose8 (483)
June 20, 2008 2:49pm CST
i have a pretty old digital camera. some old olympus 4 mega pixel camera. i see that now they have new ones out that have 10 mega pixels!!!! now i am on a budget and dont want to get something like that unless i know im going to be getting my moneys worth. when you take the picture can you actually tell the difference in quality on a 10mp camera compared to ther previous models?
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• United States
21 Jun 08
I recently upgraded from a 5mp to a 10mp camera myself, but only because my 5pm was starting to die on me. Realistically, if you print your picture smaller than 8x10, or just share re-sized versions of them on the internet with friends, you will probably won't have much need for a super fancy camera. My new camera does offer a number of new and improved features that are pretty useful, and it's substantially slimmer/lighter, so it's much more likely to get carried, and thus used. These are all factors I took into account in buying another camera. If you're 100% satisfied with your current gadget, there really is no need to upgrade. However, a 4pm is pretty low, so even an upgrade to a 7mp would probably show a quality difference you'd be very satisfied with. Once you go higher than that, it'd be difficult for me to argue the virtues of it. For reference, I got the following camera, a Sony Cybershot DSC-T300, upgraded from a Canon A95 or something like that.
• South Africa
20 Jun 08
nop, buddy please, if you are satisfied with the quality of your current camera, PLEASE PLEASE dont bother to buy in those fancy and expensive ones!!! Not only they cost you more bucks but also they wont make any obvious visible differences in your outcoming photos. Trust me! I use to have a 3.2 mp and then a 4.2mp and now a 7.2mp one but man when I compared those photos, they dont seem to be different in quality. But obviously it would be another story if you wanna show off then you better get those most advanced models.