X-box 360 -pros and cons

The X-box 360 that I want to get from WalMart.com - This is a picture of the X-box 360 that I want to get from WalMart.com,and I think it looks really awesome. It is the Halo Edition.
United States
June 21, 2008 1:37am CST
This question is for all you mylotters who own an X-box 360 or know someone who does.Is it a good system?Does it have any problems or then the Red Ring Of Death,that I have heard so much about?Is it worth the four hundred or more dollars that it costs to purchase one?Which X-box 360 version is better?How is it better than the original X-box?Which games would you suggest for the X-box 360?I am in the process of saving up to get an X-box 360,which the one I want costs four hundred dollars at WalMart.com,and I figured I would try and do some research on it before while I am saving,the main reasons I want an X-box 360 is because of Splinter Cell: Conviction and Halo 3,and because my X-box has a lot of issues and problems and likes to mess up on me,which makes me wonder if the X-box 360 will do the same thing.I love war games,shooting games,and stealth games,so I would greatly appreciate it,if anyone could give me some ideas of games for the X-box 360 that I might like to look at,and I will also appreciate any other comments,or advice that anyone can give me and I have heard that I would be able to play my original X-box games on the X-box 360,but I am not one hundred percent sure about that I am still looking to expand my collection a little bit,and I might even sell my X-box to help put toward the money for the X-box 360 but I am not sure yet.I have also added a picture of the X-box 360 that I want to get,and wonder if anyone else thinks it looks cool.
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