Which is the champion in Euro 2008?

June 21, 2008 3:00am CST
I love Germany and Netherlands. I hope they will go to the final. And the Netherlands will win. On https://www.scorefortheredcross.org, the ranking is: Germany 55164 Netherlands 42718 Spain 37442 .... How about you?
2 responses
• Malaysia
21 Jun 08
i like to see Netherlands vs Portugal... the both team have a lot of star player.. and if that happen..there will be a great match!
• Indonesia
21 Jun 08
If I have to take a guess from how the teams played so far, I'd bet on the Dutch. They are at the moment the best organized team with great skills. Of course, Italy, Spain, and Germany also have great skills, but their teamwork is lacking. As we have seen in the match between Portugal and Germany, lack of teamwork, despite great individual skills, won't get you a goal. Germany has increased their teamwork in the last match against Portugal, but it's not at the best terms yet. I think they can do better. If they can do better, I won't be surprised to see a final between Germany and the Netherlands!