is it true Ronnie and Deco will leave Barca??

June 21, 2008 3:54am CST
Ronaldinho had a very bad season with Barca for last season..i've read a lot of articles telling that Ronnie will leave!! and one article tell that he will go to manchester city??!is that true?why such a good player like him have to leave a good team like barca?and the question is..why no other club are willing to hire him? and one more article is about deco like to play with ronnie. but he persuade ronnie to play with him at chealsea...if that so, chealsea will become a strong team..and i really love it because i'm a fan of chealsea too... so, the question is...where is the exact team that ronnie and deco will go to?
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@lauzpauz (115)
22 Jun 08
Im sure that both of these players will leave Barcelona,as I believe they are both past there sell by dates. Im not sure Ronaldinho will go to Chelsea,I think hes kind of lost it a bit,there are faster,better and stronger players out there that Chelsea could have. If Ronaldinho or Deco did go to Chelsea I feel it would only be for the PR/Marketing aspect,in other words to sell shirts and promote Chelsea to other wider markets
• Egypt
21 Jun 08
I hear that they will play with Chealsea, but I'm not sure.