Caius Cosades - Morrowind

New Zealand
June 21, 2008 4:31am CST
The book I am writing is actually based on the game - Morrowind. It is about a man, named Caius Cosades, who is incredibly powerful, however, he is not in charge of the province of Morrowind. He doesn't want to be ruler, however he does have a score to settle with the emporer of Morrowind - Thalen Velas. Throughout the book, Caius fights Thalen in the Vivec arena (Vivec is one of the cities in Morrowind) using (for some of the fight) his legandary sword - Hopesfire. During the battle however, the sword is broken. After the battle when Caius goes to get the sword which he had left at the Arena, he finds it ahs been stolen by a well known criminal named Gaenor. He tracks Gaenor and ends up having to kill him to get the sword back. He retrieves the sword and must then have ti repaired, which ends up harded than you would think as it is an ancient sword with magickal powers. Caius must journey all over Morrowind, fight battles and more all to have his sword repaired. I am not going to write a section from the story, as I cannot be bothered typing some of it out and cannot paste text.