What essential is invisble to the eye!

What essential is invisible to the eye! - It is hard to believe but loosing someone is one of the only way to find essential.
@chej18 (915)
United States
June 21, 2008 4:39am CST
Thats my friends Lolo always told me.You cannot judge somebody in not knowing them.Sometimes the most valuable and most important thing in life you cant see it in your own eye.You will can only figure it out after you lost it.But you cannot do anything about it becouse its too late.i cant stop my tears falling down into my cheeks.I am so sad today.And i learned one thing though.You cant be happy if you choose not to be.Life is too short.I always said time can make different.I have to wait.I thought this thing is not getting me,i thought it will help me if i give a little bit of time.But i am wrong.I am so burden and left me w/ tears of not doing the right thing.I am posting this discussions to the person who think time can make different.Do the thing that make you happy before its too late.And dont hesitate of doing it.What ever reason that stopping you to do it.Just do it.There is no right moment and waiting for time is wasting time,and that you loosing someone.The clock is ticking and the world doesn't stop and wait for you to do it. Greetings from Che!
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• Philippines
21 Jun 08
Yes, time is to short and we have to do what is important. Very few people realize the value of time. In the world today, everything is fast. We have to value our time with family and friends.
@mykmari_08 (2466)
• Philippines
8 Jul 08
Yes, this is a very sad and painful truth in this world. We only get to know the importance of something or someone when we have already lost it in our hands. Oftentimes, in this hustle and bustle of the ever-changing world, we tend to be so caught up in our personal and daily tasks that we lose sight of our priorities. We dream of having everything in the world so that one day, we could rest and enjoy life with our loved ones. There's perfectly nothing wrong with this; however, sometimes we disregard our quality time with families and forget that they are the very reason why we want to fulfill our dreams. Somehow, I believe that we have and make dreams not only for ourselves but more for our loved ones. There's a line I've heard and read before which says that, "dance like no one is watching..." I believe that it's so true and very related with this topic. We musn't take for granted our precious time with family and friends because no one knows if we are still here tomorrow. Do and say what you have to in the soonest possible time, which is today! It's been three weeks since you posted this discussion but I hope you're feeling much better now! Take care and God bless!