being an amateur? any idea?

@qwe123 (253)
June 21, 2008 10:37am CST
where do we draw the line between amateurs and prefessionals? some people dedicated their sparetime to things they are passionate about in area like opera singing dancing calligraphy and photography or even owning a riadio frequencyaside from business where does your passion life?can an amateur even turn into a professional ? do you think you have reached profesioonal level so as to perform i front of a large crowd? i am a true amateur i liked caligraphy when i was a child but i did not like copying from the copybook because feedom is the inspiration of writing until i went to collenge i found there were so many stdets who were good at callgraphy their handwriting were moe beautiful than mine i felt shamed after some conversation and disscussion swith this kind of pwople i realized i have missed the best ae practicing handwriting i astill felt myy handwriting was beautiful i am a true i liked calligraphy when i was a child but i did not liek copying from the copybook also i ahve a special eeing about chinese traditional music i like erhu which a traditional instrument with two strings but i stil a amature in collenge i course i erformed in stage many times and appearin ein diferent parties in front of a large ccrowd gradualy i found i ws lacking of some preffessinal knowledge of calligraphy so i accumlated some in college however i find it is very for me to make a progress only because i have a weak biasis now i have a little time to practice only feel my progesss is till e at that time i felt so proud of myself with some theory knowledge of music i found i only a unpreffessional erhu player who had a low level i can not perform ins tages by myself i must do it wih my band bothe of these mentioned are my favourites but i do nt speed much time practising only when i want to play or i feel upset they become a sprice of my life sometiems i wil play it life peformance but not practice
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