problem and suggestion

June 21, 2008 11:47am CST
one of my friend is just studying a chinese in america, the dispute with his dormate not striking though arises to him frequently, rendering him under considerable confussion, not sure whether it is a convention as well as a sort of american-relatively-open-mind behavior against our more conservative norms so that he was just a little bit battered roughly by the minute cultural conflict or it is really a unacceptable fault of his fellow regardless the diverse background and needs a talk. the problem:that guy asked for a drink after he bought some beverage back to dorm,rather than thirst-driving, storing it in the frige, enoying whenever he wanted.proposed share pizza in dorm, my friend ordered two,but paid both of them ,for his companion lacked money at that time.he was also bothered by his bringing girlfriend back and was driven out of the room for them, wandering out on the familiar but exotic street, sadly. what am i supposed to suggest? please point out my grammer mistake or inappropriate use if it is not that inconvenience.thanks
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