dilemma right now

June 21, 2008 9:01pm CST
Right now, I really don't have an idea where life's gonna take me. I thought what I'm having right now is what I deserve and want to have.But then there's something lacking. I do like the kind of job that I have but I think what I'm earning is not enough for me to help my self and my family. I really have plans of working abroad.Honestly I want to quit my job but I'm afraid of losing because I had a difficult time getting that job.They say I'm lucky because I landed that job and I belong to that company. However, It's not about being lucky, it's about having self fulfillment.
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@SomeCowgirl (32266)
• United States
23 Jun 08
I am really sorry that you do not feel fulfilled in your current job. All I can say for you to do is go out there and find out what makes you happy. You want to work abroad, then find out all you need to know. Do a lot of research and find things that are affordable for you. No one says it will be easy, but it will be worth it. I hope that you find your true meaning, Have a Great day.
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@avidwhit (1492)
• Mexico
22 Jun 08
Congradulations on landing the job! I have worked many corporate jobs in life of the all american dream and all to the same unfulling end. Thank god I had enough sense to figure this out before I reached retirement age and looked back and realized I gave my life to a company who can care less about me now. Or maybe laid me off half way through because of my age of budget cuts. For some this kind of life is ok and admirable. WORK can be defined as the most dirty profane 4 letter word. I personally think the key to success is find what you enjoy doing and do it! With this you never work you just enjoy! At sometime you eenjoyment will bring a profit. Diligant hands are sure to bring a profit! If the voice inside you says paint and others tell you, you cant paint, by all means paint at leat this will quiet the viove inside you. Vincent vango. My father was an artist we where very poor. He traded his hand made dishes to 4 ritzy classy restuarants in town. We always ate out and at the finest places with credit and buy selling his dishes in local galleries we always paid people to wash are clothes. When we did eat at home we had a huge gardin to choose from. Dirt poor but had people cook for us wash our clothes and dishes and had the best organic food to eat. I hope and pray you find and do what you think will bring you self fulfillment! There are many different roads to travel in the world that all lead to the same place. Never sell your soul, be satified from within and as you want feel fullfilment in life. You have to live with yourself. Blessings and Insight. What more can we hpe for in life ...enjoy are work, eat drink and be happy:)