Trading PTCs

@mimico (3619)
June 22, 2008 8:10am CST
I have a question of those who've successfully traded referrals for their PTCs and other such sites. How were you able to make the trade? Do you monitor each others' contribution? I made a deal with someone here on myLot a while back and we started out nicely. Even though the site she gave me was a new, unknown site, I still signed up and checked it out for the first week. Sadly, the site is really useless as it doesn't have any ads. I guess this myLotter felt cheated because I couldn't make any money for her so she stopped clicking in my site. If this is really the reason why she hasn't been active, I'm really disappointed. She's giving up a chance to make some extra money and she's breaking the agreement we had. It's not my fault that she gave me a site that doesn't have ads, right? Grrr I'm really pissed! That incident has dissuaded me from trading with other myLotters. It also is another evidence that it is impossible to build a relationship of trust through the internet.
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