what is a good ob??any idea?

@qwe123 (253)
June 22, 2008 7:37pm CST
what is a good job? what do you think of a god job? do you agree with thata a god job is the which can earn much money? in my opinon. i will graduate from university it is a har time to find a good job. everyoe has different defiation about good job in my opinion it means more than money though the payment is important but we should pay mmore attention to it is long term potential besides as job is a indispensable part of our life it should conform with our view of life considerable salary a good position with a good society relationship i think so i have resigned my last job as an operator in a forwarder company last year when i ws aware of the job's limitation in my opinion a good job involves three advantages first it means not will only good payment but also long term potential which will improve our ability and update ourselves second a good job should confrom eith our interest that will encourage us to work hard at last a goood job should always make us comfortable for me a good job should have bright future and good carreer development trend pleasant salary good team player a boss that can aprociate your ability and alsoo you are iterested in such ind of job
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