In society most shakes a letter which the human cries(2)

June 22, 2008 9:01pm CST
Grandfather paternal grandmother they can mmove? can run this day to jump the the cracks in the earth? Aunt~~I do not want to die. I love you,ihad not looked that suffices this world I have not grown up Aunt~~you in there?can puii my hand once more?just started optical fiber also did not have the day was certainly black. Usually our family members were push in a table have the dinner forever also did not sit together? Aunt~!You are at? How hasn't come is how nobody called me,tou have an accident? I want to exit to look for you.but Icould not move Aunt~daddy~good wants to hear your sound good thought that ~~~~good thinks~~~~~~I am quite tired! Good thirsty!I the heart good pain, I did not have the strength to open the eye I did not have the strength to open the eye I did not look that you. Did not look the world which let me be attached to I was stranded I must fall asleep~~~~
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