who will you choose the one you love or the one who loves you??

@kissie34 (2296)
June 23, 2008 1:10am CST
Before, my friends and my classmates keep asking me this kind of question, "WHO WILL YOU CHOOSE THE ONE YOU LOVE BUT DOESN'T LOVE YOU IN RETURN OR THE ONE WHO LOVES YOU BUT YOU TREAT HIM JUST A FRIEND??". Before, I'll choose the one who loves me because I know that someday I will be able to love him... And I am sure that he will love me and he will not hurt me.. All I'm thinking is for as long as he loves me I know that I will be happy to him.. But after years had passed, everything got changed.. I learned that you cannot force or teach your heart to love someone especially if there is someone who owns it. It is not good to choose the one who loves you because you are being selfish not only to him but also to yourself.. Maybe, that you will be happy with him because definitely he will do anything or everything just to make sure that you are happy but in return you're not making him happy.. You are just hurting and fooling him without knowing it... It ever you choose the one you love, more that a hundred percent that you will be keep on waiting for him until he finally said that he loves you too... But the question is will you be able to wait even though there is no assurance that he will definitely love you?? Maybe for some... If you choose the one you love, one thing is for sure you will be hurt.. What if the one you love have already someone who owns his heart?? Are you still willing to keep on waiting for him? In all love story in the movies, we all know that those who are the main character of the story will have a happy ending... What if you're not the main character of the story, what will you do?? Is it hard to decide, right?? Again, if you choose the one you love, are you willing to hurt the one who loves you so much?? Or just let him wait until the one you love regrets the love you are offering to him?? For now, one thing that is on my mind.. If that will happen to me, definitely no one will I choose because I cannot take what will be the outcome.. It is better not to gamble than you will see that there is someone who is hurt.. I know most of you for sure, you will choose the you love because that what makes you happy and that is what your heart says, right?? But then if I will going to do that I don't want to see the one who is loving me will have a broken heart just because of one reason and that is me.. I am willing to risk my own happiness just to make it fair to me, to the one I love and to the one who loves me.. And besides even though I will choose the one I love there is no assurance that he will love me too.. But there is a chances that I will be hurt...
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