Things to do when you have nothing to do.

@neilchua (888)
June 23, 2008 2:19am CST
Sometimes it just happen. You have no work, no place to go, no money to spend and you wonder what to do to make the time fly. There's TV, internet, computer games and i think many of you will agree...sleeping! But after doing what i've mentioned for several days, you will be stuck with the same question again. Life is just so funny. when you have a job, you complain and wanting to take some time off. when you don't have work, you will also complain and wanted your job back. Can you do anything that is free without causing any green house effect that can harm mother nature and enjoy it? exercise is the best thing to do i guess. i hope you can provide some things that we can actually do that is rewarding.
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@heartonfire (4131)
• Denmark
23 Jun 08
haha,yes you are right..when we are busy we complain,when we are not busy we get bored and we complain... we are never satisfied:))) i think most people have hobbies in their spare time..but if we don't, my favourite thing to do inside is watch movies,i used to watch like 2-3 movies per day. chats are also fun, and sites like mylot can also help when bored. i am not much into exercising but if i get to need it from one reason or another,i might start:) but my favourite thing to do is go out,walk,meet friends,talk.. enjoy a nice sunny day in a park,or in an outside bar..drink a soda,and relax. my city is a nice one because it's a small one ,so if you walk you go to where you wanted real quick..and if you choose to get outside of the city we have many forrest and mountains nearby..and nature is the most relaxing place to be..maybe laying down on a blanket on the grass,or make a barbeque,or play some games. i enjoy the rides outside the city,it relaxes me more than just staying inside. a ride in the car,to where the roads leads you to is also a nice thing to do. me and my boyfriend have been doing that several times and makes time fly in a pleasurable way
@neilchua (888)
• Philippines
24 Jun 08
i don't have a car. hahahahah. i should have posted things to do when you have nothing to do and no money and no car...that will make it more difficult Heart. What do you think?