4101 dead in iraq

@gabrifvg (167)
June 23, 2008 6:21am CST
according to official sources, the war currently going on in Iraq has caused a total of 4101 u.s. casualties... with Bush's administration coming to an end, and probably the future administration is going to have to deal with the war. with so much time, lives and money invested for no tangible results, i think it's time to stop and think about what direction things are following. the war was started on uncertain bases, lies were told, and this is confirmed, and big mistakes were made... do you think this war was necessary? and if so, is it still necessary? and whatever your opinion is, do you think it was worth all those lives, all those families broken, all that misery?
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@SwtJenlove (1090)
• United States
23 Jun 08
I dont really know what to think about this war, I dont like the fact that so many people are getting killed, i think they should bring them all home. there are other ways to deal with things then to have people battle and lose their lives.
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@academic2 (7010)
• Uganda
7 Jul 08
Very needless deth If you asked me-I wonder what is going on in the head of Bush and Blare? I think they are seriously haunted in their private lives-they must be wishing they didnt have to do what they did!