juggling work and family tough for dads too

@lm1222 (29)
June 23, 2008 11:15am CST
with father's day fast approaching,many dads admit they are struggling with how to juggle long days at the office and qualit time with their family,according to a new survey. A fifth of the 248 Candadian fathers questioned said time away from home because of work is their biggest concern because they may miss important family events. "I think it's tough for all working parents...Trying to juggle is a diffcult task,"said Partrick Sullivan,president of job site Workopolis.com,which conducted the poll. Fifteen percent were concerned about finding time for chores,while 11 percent worried about being unable to turn off work at home. Sixteen percent of fathers in families with an income of over 100,000 dallor said they had difficulty also said the felt it was diffcult getting parental leave. Depite the struggles,40 percent of working dads still claim the family-work balance is manageable. Fathers in Quebec claimed to be the most in control,with more than half of those surveyed citing no challenges.Only three percent said time away from family was an issue.Western dads seemed more in tune with mothers,with nearly a quarter agreeing that finding time for chores was the biggest issue. About a third of dads took their own fathers' counsel about careers and family to heart and are happy with the outcome,while another 18 percent chose not to listen.
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