@mbal88 (117)
June 23, 2008 12:07pm CST
hi friends..i like sleeping very well. a normal human being can sleep mini 8 hours a day. during my holiday is will very well. sleep can give good health. sleep is gift of good.
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• India
24 Jun 08
Love to see your great words here, and I feel quiet happy to have a friend like this. I would feel a lot to keep on par with you.
@heartonfire (4132)
• Denmark
23 Jun 08
neahhhh, i have never been a big fan of sleep..i always rather do somethingelse if i have things to keep me busy..i would always choose fun over sleep, or meeting my friends,or taking a trip,or watching a movie..or just speak to someone.. sleep goes on the last place in my life,even last week i was awake for like 37 hours..i never got to 48 but that;s because everyone around me got tired at some point so all i could do is sleep too:)))... it's not that i do much if i am awake,like going to the discos or clubs or stuff like that,but i just like to enjoy the day as much as i can,instead of sleeping my life