Do they exist?

United States
June 23, 2008 1:38pm CST
Growing up as a little girl I always beilieved that uniorns lived in the woods, that they were so well hidden that's why scientists couldn't find them. I believed that I would be the one to discover them! then I heard the song abotu the unicorns getting left off of Noah's arc and I was saddened. My Grandma had bought me a book when I was little called "the Lore of the Unicorn" and even as an adult the way it is written is so hard to understand I can't get through it! So I was just wondering what others opinions were Did they one time exist and are now gone or have they always been a figmint of imagination?
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9 Jul 08
Hello cowgirl2213, Don't worry the Unicorn does exit as long as you believe in them, and yes I believe in them they so magical beings and beautiful. Remember they got left behind when Noah took off with the other animals so that is why the Unicorn hides and no one can see them, if you close your eyes and dream you will se them clearly."THEY DO EXIT" Bless Tamarafireheart.
@EAStanley (2689)
• United States
18 Nov 08
Aww, I love your explanation! Yes, unicorns exist as long as you believe in them! The magic will always be there! And they are so vivid in our dreams! Thanks again!
@cyberfluf (5005)
• Netherlands
28 Dec 08
I've heard stories about horses who had a bit of a lump on their forehead, it should have easily been mistaken for a horn. If they ever existed, I dare not say, but I know I love them a lot and fantasizing about how wonderfull it would be to see one lifts my spirit.
• Australia
5 Jul 08
Recently there was a little fawn born with only one horn instead of two, even though it had a perfectly normal twin. I think unicorns probably originated from somebody who witnessed a freak of nature where a horse was born with a horn and possibly even passed this gene on to it's offspring. I have always been fascinated by unicorns and love the myths and legends surrounding them, but I don't think they ever really existed. I wish they did though!
@Aurone (4758)
• United States
23 Jun 08
There is a great book about the Unicorns not getting on the arc. I really enjoyed it as a child. In theory only the pure of heart can see unicorns, the rest of us just see a white mare. Perhaps there once was magic and unicorns in this world, but since we chose science over magic it disappear or built a world for itself as the cartoon flight of dragons portrays. Who knows. I believe magic and unicorns exist somewhere, if not here.