Anime North

June 23, 2008 6:53pm CST
Anime used to be cool, till white people started dressing up as one of the sailor scouts especially the overweight ones or dudes dressing up as one of the sailor scouts. Hell the one time sailormoon live action never made it to television because it was that crappy. every year anime north in ontario gets way worse than the last, because of all these yoai fans and white people who smoke too much crack and watch anime. these people have some serious problems requesting yoai and i even heard some people say "Finally a place where i can feel like i belong" (I WONDER WHY U FREAK!) Dragon Ball was cool, than the white man got to it and created there versions of the toys. Like why the hell does any of the db characters need a gun!? they can shoot fricken laser beams from there palms at WILL, goku can go way faster than the speed of light. Than i see TREKKIES at a friggin anime north convention! i asked one of them "are u lost or something?" and he replied "no, my friend. you are" i was like WTF are u talkin about!? everyone was lookin at this klingon like hes on crack! Hell when someone says Anime everyone immediately thinks of an asian reading manga or w/e when i hear anime i see a fat white person (i used person for unisex) in full sailor scout uniform and complaining "theres not enough yoai in anime north" im thinkin MAKE YOUR OWN YOAI FESTIVAL CONVENTION OR W/E!! JESUS CHRIST!!
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