Hi,are you ready for the BeiJing Olympic?

@ifglan (1152)
June 23, 2008 9:04pm CST
8:00 p.m.,Aug. 8,2008,an exciting moment! Beijing,China,an special place! Olympic will be hold in a few days here!I am a chinese,as you know,china work hard for this chance,chinese welcome people all around the world! So,will you come? If you come: 1.How will you come? 2.Whom will you come with? 3.Which place will you head for when you want to travel? 4.Will you buy some chinese folk clothes or eat traditional food? If you come,here are all your friendly friends!
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• New Zealand
8 Jul 08
I would LOVE to go but there's the whole school and money issues with me. xD I'd definitely go if the Olympics came to New Zealand though (the country I live in :P).
@ifglan (1152)
• China
8 Jul 08
Thank you for sharing :)
@athurber (17)
• United States
28 Jun 08
Eh, I'm not all for the Olympics being in Beijing this year... Not just because I am a Buddhist though. I'm not going to boycott it, I will definitely watch it because, well, it's the Olympics :P I have to see how the US does in Taekwondo. But really it is a shame and isn't fair that the Chinese aren't letting certain countries compete... The Olympics are supposed to be about unity between people, cultures, and countries... Something that China isn't very good at. Still going to watch it thought :)