do young people rely too much on their parents?any idea?

@qwe123 (253)
June 23, 2008 11:52pm CST
do young people rely too much on their parents? as the new school year is around the corner many new college students are accompanied by their parents to travel to their school outside their hometown do you think parents should do so? do young people rely too much on their perents? when iwas a fresh man my parents sent me to college and they insisted to that was my first time for me to to the new environment and become independent completely afterwards we need parental suggestion but we do not rly on them too much they realy wanted to have a look ofmy collenge of course i do not deny they helped me do much things for me nobody could stop them accompanying me because they are my cparents and relatives they tey wanted to share joy of becoming a college studentswith me it is the truth but that can not prove that young people rely too much on their parents for their paarents wasnt to travel to their chiildren's new college it is also the truth i still remember that as iwent to my new college my parents and my uncle also accompanied me
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24 Jun 08
Of course it would depend on the parents' upbringing to their kids. If the parent taught their kids to be an independent at early years, then the child will grow not relying on their parents. But if the parents are always there to catch the child each time he falls, or freak out for small bruises or do everything for their children and not trusting them to learn it on their own, then the kids will end up weak and so dependent on the parents. Accompanying young people to their school or dormitory at the first phase of schoolyear especially in college is not enough basis to say that they rely on their parents as this is parents' prerrogative if they want to acommpany their children or not. They do it because they want to show their love and protectiveness, they do it because its hard to let go of our children especially if that is only the first time that they will live apart. In my case, I trained my kids to be independent. They enrolled by themselves, pay their tuition, buy their clothes and decides for themselves for the kinds of things that they wanna use. My eldest is in her Junior high but she helps me to pay the bills, do the grocery, help me iron the clothes, cook and almost all the housechores. But despite of these things that she know, maybe when the time comes that she go to college, I will still accompany her and probably stay on the first weeks on her dormitory just to be sure that she is fine there and she got all she needs. It's the parents' obligation to always look after the welfare of their children no matter how independent they are.